Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lucky Number 8!

My little sister, Jennie, tagged me and since I want to be just like her when I grow up I figured I should do it!

8 Favorite TV Shows
1. The Office
2. Desperate Housewives
3. The Hills
4. Survivor
5. Rachael Ray
6. What Not To Wear
7. iCarly (I know..Lame, but the Miranda Cosgrove is so cute!)
8.The Amazing Race

8 Favorite Restraunts
1. Kaleidoscope Pizza
2. NoHo's Hawaiian Cafe
3. Olive Garden (Salad!)
4. Red Robin
5. The teriyaki place by Jeff and Val's House
6. Millhollow (sandwiches and frozen yogurt)
7. Sonic (cranberry slushes!)
8. McGrath's Fish House

8 Books I'd Recommend
1. The Book of Mormon (Along with the Bible and other standard works)
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Twilight Series (and The Host, all by Stephenie Meyer)
4. Number the Stars (actually everything by Lois Lowry)
5. Women of Genesis Series by Orson Scott Card
6. The Chronicles of Narnia
7. Everything that is by Roald Dahl
8. The Kingdom and the Crown Series (by Gerald Lund)

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. Dropped Mario off at work and later picked him up
2. Went to the Church for Super Saturday where I got to catch up with lots of friends!
3. Made a Table Runner, some Christmas tags and a 12 days of Christmas Book
4.Took a class on Christmas Appetizers for Parties
5. Went to Old Navy where I ran into Chris and Janice and bought some stuff
6. Read stories to Adam and Tyler
7. Got a headache from not wearing my contacts (I have pink eye)
8. Read Skipping Christmas By John Grisham after the kids went to bed

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Hopefully getting a new car tommorow!
3. Thanksgiving
4. My family coming for Christmas!
5. Our family Reunion in Southern Nevada (January)
6. Tyler sleeping ALL the way through the night (7pm-7am!)
7. Adam having no more accidents!!!
8. Our trip to Ecuador (hasn't been planned yet but we are hoping to go soon!)

8 Things on My Wish List
1. A car!
2. Cute clothes that are a size 4 (oh and a body that will fit them!)
3. A new dining room table
4. A new TV (we got ours for free 5 years ago...)
5. An hour to sit in the jacuzzi and read with no disruptions
6. A baby girl (SOMEDAY! Don't get too excited Mom and Dad!)
7. A bigger SD card for my camera
8. A trip to Ecuador!

8 Things I Love About Fall
1. The Colors
2. The Clothes
3. The Crisp Air
4. My Birthday
5. It gets dark earlier so Adam will go to bed at 7!
6. New shows on TV
7. Mario gets off at 8 instead of 9....yay!!!
8. The Decorations (pumpkins, leaves, etc.)

8 people I tag....


Anja said...

I watch all your shows except for 2, 5 and 7!

Keri said...

I love the Teriyaki place by Val's house too!!

Tana said...

Lots more to learn about you. When is you birthday? When do we celebrate?

Brittany said...

Wow that was a very long tag.Anyways now you have my blog addy.