Saturday, February 21, 2009

Standing for Something!

Tyler has decided this last week that he has something to stand for. Apparently, the floor is boring and he has discovered that he has legs. This has been building up for a while.

Last week he started to sit on his own without help. It happened because of a girl! We were at a birthday party last week and little Kardyn was there. She is about a month older than Tyler and sitting really well. Usually Tyler will sit for a little bit and then roll down to his tummy and start army crawling. However, when he saw Kardyn sitting for so long he kept looking at her and refused to lie down. He sat for quite a few minutes until Kardyn started to crawl and then he did too. It made me laugh. 6 months and already trying to impress the ladies?! She is cute!
Then in the last few days he has started to pull himself up on furniture. He still can only be up for a few seconds before he falls down.
He likes to kneel and look around for quite a while....
...but down he comes. So sad, but he gets over it really fast.
Then he finally build up the nerve to try standing. Life is good...
...until he falls again!
Keep trying Tyler! You'll get it!

STYLE: Defined by Adam

Adam makes me smile daily. One of his new favorite things to do is change clothes 10 times a day. It can be frustrating when I have loads of laundry to do everyday, but I can't help but laugh at the outfits he puts together.

This is Tyler's jacket that Adam ran out of his room wearing. He couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure he stretched out the jacket....oh well!

Adam is also a huge fan of temporary tattoos. Which he told the whole Jr. Primary one Sunday when they were talking about not getting tattoos.

These overalls are a regular contender for crazy outfits in our house. Adam asks to wear them EVERYDAY! I only let him wear them inside due to the weather, but I'm sure we will see them lots this summer. He is also sporting his absolute favorite shirt. It is an Ecuador soccer jersey that he loves.

For some reason his soccer jersey and snow boots are a favorite combo. When I tell him them don't match he tells me that there is blue on his jersey and the boots. Who can argue with that logic?

And by the will never see him dressed like this in public!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day Mario and I decided to go out for a night without the kids. We went by the Adult Stake Dance for a little bit. It was a 50's dance (with most people there actually having been in high school during the 50's) and was decorated so cute! There was a little soda shop and everything. Unfortunately Mario and I don't now how to dance swing so we danced bachata (sp?). It was really fun but we were starving so we left to go to dinner. In case you weren't aware...restaurants are really busy on Valentine's Day! The wait at Olive Garden was over an hour and we figured everywhere else would be the same. So we went to the Pita Pit. It was so funny! We were dressed up from the dance and it's Valentines of course but we really wanted to go there because it sounded so good! We were the only customers there and they were so excited that they gave us heart chocolates and everything. It was really fun. Then we had nothing else to do but really didn't want to go home yet. We decided to go to Barnes and Nobles. We walked around and read some. It was a really nice and relaxing evening.

Then on Sunday I decided to do our Valentine's Dinner. Mario had a meeting after church so I beat him home and made steak, mashed potatoes, and chocolate dipped strawberries for lunch. It was really nice.

Adam LOVES mashed potatoes....

...and apparently Tyler does to! I asked Mario to feed Tyler some potatoes and this is what I find. Mario was feeding him from a huge serving spoon. Daddy's can be so funny!

This was my Valentine's Centerpiece...

Then in the evening we invited the missionaries to come over for dinner. I love it when they come! We have the coolest Elders right now and I love the spirit they bring in to our home. We had Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, which was delicious!
It was a really great Valentine's Weekend! The best part was getting to spend so much time with my Eternal Companion! I love you Mario!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook for Babies

Tyler has an obsession with our laptop. His goal in life is to touch the clicky buttons that Mommy and Daddy use. He can make it across the room in 5 seconds flat if I leave the computer on the floor. Mario thinks he is trying to get on facebook to talk to his girlfriend...I hope that's not true for a REALLY LONG time!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rachel's Visit!

I was so lucky last week to have one of my best friends come visit me! Rachel flew from Maryland and got to stay a whole week with us. We have been friends since Jr. High and she is one of the only people I still keep in contact with from high school. I think we met each other at our most awkward stage, so if we were friends then I think we will be friends forever!

We pretty much just hung out and talked about old times, listened to tons of Nsync (don't laugh!), and took a little tour of Southern Oregon. We went out to dinner in Ashland and saw "New in Town" one night. We also went to Klamath Falls, which is about an hour away, to visit her uncles. I got pulled over on the way for speeding, but got off with a warning! Sometimes having a baby in the backseat earns you brownie points with cops.
We also went to the Redwood Forest and Coast one day. It was a really fun trip! The trees were gorgeous. We got to see a giant Paul Bunyun and Babe his ox (or as Adam calls it "the giant blue cow"). We even walked through a giant tree with a tunnel through it. We thought we would be able to drive thru it but apprently that was false, yet hilarious, advertising.

One day we walked around Jacksonville, which is a little historic gold rush town close to my house. We went to the old cemetary there and saw a herd of about 30 deer. It was really odd to see deer grazing next to tombstones. Very cool!

I also dragged her along to our everyday routine things which aren't so fun, but I enjoyed having her here. Somehow we went through the whole week without a single picture of the two of us taken. Oh well! Thanks for visiting Rachel!

Adam's Mini-Olympics

On January 24th Adam had his much anticipated Mini-Olympics. This was a fundraiser for Casacade Community Pool, where he takes lessons. This race was the only subject on Adam's mind for WEEKS! He practiced really hard and learned a lot. He did three races: the front crawl, back stroke, and butterfly (which Adam call the Belly Booty haha!).

He finished all three races and had a great time. It was so funny because as soon as the race started everything he had learned about swimming was forgotten. In the excitement he just started flailing around for the finish line. I was so proud of how hard he tried! He even got a trophy, which is proudly displayed in his room.

These are the fellow Olympians in his age group (although I think he was the youngest). He is hidden behind the little girls head in the front row.

This is trying to organize the picture. I was so funny! They would tell the front row to kneel, and the back row would do it, too. Then they would tell the back row to stand and the front row would as well. It took a LONG time before the kids figured it out!

These are the participation trophies. (The winners got certificates as well) I have no clue why Adam is playing with his nipples...nerves? lol

Getting pumped up for the races!

Go Adam! Miss Deane, his teacher, stayed nearby to make sure he was safe.

I love the look on his face when he reached the finish line!

Showing off his trophy, before enjoying popcorn, cotton candy, and sno cones.

Swimming Lessons for Tyler

Tyler got to start Tot-n-Me swimming classes last week! The good news is that Tyler LOVES it. The bad news is that I am so not ready to be seen in a swimsuit! The things we do for our children.
Adam has class right before Tyler, so he sits and watches us. Then I have to get both kids ready in the locker room. I haven't quite perfected that process yet! I come home wet and exhausted. I can't wait for summer, when it's warmer on the drive home.
He is learning how to be comfortable in the water and other basic concepts. He loves to splash and chase a toy around the water. It's so much fun!
He was a little concerned at times...
but got use to it really quickly!
This is the rest of his class. He is by far the youngest.
So relaxed!