Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Remember...

... I still love Tyler and he is adorable. I just spent 2 hours putting him back into his bed everytime he ran out of his room. I am literally dripping sweat. Yes, it is gross. I am sick of this cycle every night. So I had to go back and find an adorable picture of him just to remind myself that there are bad days but there are many more good days as a mom. This was at Disneyland in March of 2009 when Ty was about 8 months old. I love this picture of him. He was the perfect little guy on that trip. Always happy even when he was stuck riding the lame little baby rides. Good times. Love you Tyler!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Na Wahine

(our Tahitian dance)

Despite my complete lack of Island blood I've been privileged to dance with an amazing group of Hula dancers called Na Wahine for over a year. There are eight of us who practice weekly and then perform at several luaus in the summer months. We are all moms ( there are almost 30 kids combined) and great friends. I practiced up until the week Alex was born and then only missed one practice afterwards. He will be excellent at dancing one day with all that practice! It is such a blast to dance again, especially in performances.

Last night was our biggest Luau of the season. It was for the NSWA (I think it stands for National Seasonal Workers Association). There was tons of people which was a little scary but exciting. Adam even got to dance with us! Him and the other little boys did the Haka, which is a traditional Maori warrior chant. It was adorable! Here are some pictures from the event.

In our costume for Kawika, a Hawaiian chant.

Poor Ginita watched the boys all evening and Tyler was nuts! It was at a park so he thought he could run around the whole time. At least he had fun, right?

Kona and Adam in their Maori "tattoos". Aren't they terrifying? Adam doesn't quite get how to do the tongue thing yet.

Ginita made have had to watch my crazy children but at least she got to eat some amazing food at the same time. They did the whole "pig in the ground" thing. Delish!

Adam and I in our Maori costumes for the Haka and Nga Waka.

Alisha and I in our lovely black lipstick.

Mario was able to leave work for about a half an hour and watch a few dances.

This is our medley number which is always a hit. We use uli ulies, coconuts, and pu ilies. I'm second to last on the left.

Alex did a great job, although some of the music scares him. I think it's all the drumming.

It was a fantastic night and I can't wait to perform at the same Luau next summer! Later this week we are doing our Relief Society Luau, which is much smaller, but will be fun because I haven't danced for many of my friends yet.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day Trip....

...to Egypt! I have been doing preschool with the boys this summer. I let them pick the subject and I try to add in educational aspects. Adam decided that he wants to learn about different cultures and countries. On Thursday we did Egypt. Ginita and I took them to the park for a picnic of pita bread, hummus, and cous cous. Tyler loved it all but Adam was a little more picky. Then we made pyramids out of sugar cubes. It was a fun activity and we have more planned. Coming up in the next couple weeks we will be visiting the Netherlands, Argentina, Africa, Ecuador, Hawaii, and China just to name a few. Fun stuff!

Getting Big!

I can't believe I have 3 kids (plus a dog and hubby)! Love it.....but can't believe it. The end.

Chooo Chooo

We celebrated Cole Munroe's birthday at the Train Park last week. Adam and Tyler love going there. It is a cute little train that goes all around a big park. They are with our friends the Halls here.

Birthday Week

Both Adam and Tyler have birthdays within a few days of each other (the 26th and 23rd of July). This makes for an insane few days! We decided this year to have a small BBQ with the Forte's and Nedilckov's (our "family" here in Medford) on Sunday. Then we let Adam invite a few friends to the movies and McDonald's on his actually birthday. They saw "Despicable Me", which was cute. I can't believe my little boys are 5 and 2! Where has the time gone?!
At 5 Adam's favorite things are:
Learning (about anything! Dinosaurs, Colors, Math, Countries, etc.)
Watching Phineas and Ferb
Playing outside
Bossing around Tyler
Helping out Mommy and giving kisses
At 2 Tyler's favorite things are:
Coloring (on himself with markers)
Lotion (putting it in his hair on a regular basis)
Playing outside
Biting Adam
Eating (lettuce is a favorite, picked right out of the garden)
Giving the sweetest Hugs and Kisses

Pool Party Baby

For Anna Bell's birthday party the boys (and I, but I will not subject you to pictures) got to go swimming. Anna and Tyler actually share a birthday. The day was killer hot, I think in the 100's, and the water was fabulous. All those swimming lessons for Adam are really paying off. Thanks for a great party Anna!

Tia Ginita....

.....is very loved! We are incredibly happy to have her here with us for the next few months. When she is gone at school it feels like a member of our family is missing. Love you Ginita!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

So Blessed

Alex Marius.

Tyler Joseph.

Adam Mario.

Thanks Laura Watts Walsh for the lovely photographs.

3 Little Piggies

This was at the mall the other week. Mario and his three little piggies. I love that I married a man who can hold a child while pushing two more in a stroller. Yup, we have our hands full and love it!

Hup Holland!

The World Cup played a huge role in our lives this summer. We watched just about every game and of course wore lots of orange when the Dutch played. So we were very excited when holland made it to the final. We were in Washington for the final and had a huge party at Opa's house. There was dutch food, orange food, and EVERYONE wore orange. Holland ended up losing to Spain, but hey....#2 in the whole world isn't bad!

We've Missed You Redondo

While in Federal Way we went to Redondo and enjoyed the Puget Sound. They have a neat Aquarium open on Saturdays that is owned by the Community College. There are touch pools with sea urchins and starfish which, after some prodding, the boys enjoyed. I've always said that one gorgeous sunny day in Washington totally makes up for all the rain!

New Buddies

Tyler really likes his Aunt Laura. It was fun getting to know her better during the wedding. You did good Adrian!

Brotherly Love

(At Justin and Jennie's wedding reception)

A Day of Blessings

Not only were Justin and Jennie sealed for all eternity of July 9th, but Alex was also given a name and a blessing. It was wonderful to be surrounded by friends and family for this special event in our family. Welcome to the family Alex Marius!

The Mr. and Mrs.

How cute are they? Congrats Justin and Jennie! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day. We love you!

Mrs. McKell

The night before Jennie's, my lil sis's, wedding we had to follow tradition and embarass her. With Jennie dressed in a veil and sash Jacki, Heather, Laura, Laura, Sarah and I dragged her off to the Claim Jumper for dinner. There was a long wait so we played Truth or Dare Jenga outside the restraunt. It was a blast to act silly and stupid for Jennie's last day as a single woman.

My Ty....

.....likes to fight for toys with Jasper.

Fourth with Family

What is the best way to celebrate our great nation's birthday?

TON'S of fireworks....

.....cute kids and dogs......

......soda bottles for dry ice bombs......

........good friends.....

......cute baby......

..........and LOTS of family!

This was an EPIC fourth with fireworks to rival disneyland. And the best part is that we live in a wonderful country with the freedom to celebrate!