Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adam's First Day of Preschool

I have been horrible about blogging lately so I am now playing catch up. OOPS! (that was my disclaimer for really old pictures...)

In July Adam was able to start a special summer program at Lori's Little Learners. He will be attending preschool there in the fall. The summer program is more outdoor playing and crafts than school, but Adam loves it. He was so excited for his first day that he actually kept telling me that we need to take pictures. I think I'm rubbing off on him!

The classic first-day-of-school-in-front-of-the-door picture.

Adam was suprised when I told him to get in the car. He honestly thought a school bus was going to take him. Kid watches too much tv.

This is the front door to his preschool. He calls it Farm School and thinks he is learning how to be a farmer. It is just a couple miles from my house but out in the country. She has a large property and built a school on it. They have their own little fenced off play area but cows wander around outside it. She also has a greenhouse and teaches the kids how to grow things. It's really a fun place.
I thought Adam would be sad for me to leave....nope. He ran for the airplane swing without so much as a bye Mom. He loved his first day!