Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland was so much fun! I was worried about the kids not being old enough but they did a really wonderful job. We went for two fun filled days with temperatures in the seventies.
Adam was so excited that he wanted to pack his own bags. This of course made everything much more difficult but was too cute to be mad about.

Then we drove down Saturday night to Sacramento and continued on Sunday. Everyone did a great job in the car and the drive was beautiful. On Sunday we visited some places from Mario's mission and then headed on to Disneyland Monday morning.

Mamita Gina and Tia Ginita planning our attack!

We had so much fun! Adam loved the rides and even Tyler got to go on some rides. Gina was scared of the rides at first but by the end of day two she loved them. Ginita, Mario, and I went on every ride imaginable!

These are the faces of two very happy children!

This was Adam's very first ride.

I am so glad we have 13 years before he can drive a real car! Terrifying.....

The lines for most rides weren't bad at all. This was the line for the new Nemo ride and it was about 45 minutes, which was the longest one. Tyler was so happy though that it made the wait fine. Some rides had no line at all.

Inside the Nemo Submarine. This ride was so neat! I can never figure out how Disney does things. It is all so amazing and imaginative.

Adam loves Mamita Gina and the Teacups.
This was Adam's face while funny.

Gina and Ginita on the Grizzly River ride.

Mario and I on the Scream'n Roller Coaster. SOOOO FUN!!!! But my favorite ride is still Space Mountain. We went on it 4 times!

Adam's favorite thing was going to the PlayHouse Disney Play. It was so cute. It had the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny. Bubbles and streamers came from the ceiling which was way cool.

Tyler and Mario on the Jungle ride. Our guide was so funny.

Tyler's favorite thing was to look around at everything. There was so much to look at that he never cried.

We took the train around the park, which was a nice break from walking. I think we walked about a million and a half miles.

Adam also loved the characters. He wasn't even afraid.

Minnie Mouse

To infinity and beyond! The Buzz Lightyear ride was one of Adam's favorites.

Tyler couldn't take his eyes off of Pluto. He wasn't sure what to make of him.

Meeting Mickey! This is the moment that Adam was most excited for. He ate lots of vegetables and went to bed on time everyday to meet Mickey. ( We are already bribing him with another trip to that horrible?!)

Stitch at California Adventure!

Ginita and Aladdin (AKA my future brother-in-law)

Adam and Uncle Aladdin

Handy Manny

This is what happens to children after Disneyland. We had an amazing time but were so tired! The boys fell asleep in the car both nights. Poor little guys!

We had a great time and can't wait to go back! We told Adam we can go back when he is 40 inches.....grow fast!

Mission Memories

Yesterday we got back from our amazing trip to California. We brought Mario's mom and sister down to see where Mario served his mission and then to spend a couple days at Disneyland. We rented a van and drove the 11 hours down and then spent some time driving through Pasedena, Arcadia, Diamond Bar, and a few other areas.

Mario loved showing us some of the places that he lived and his mission office. Then we went out to eat at Claim Jumper.

Future Missionaries!