Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Machu Pichu Problems

For seven long days Gina and I worked on a 1,000 piece puzzle of Machu Pichu. We stayed up late every night and worked on it while we ate. In short...we wasted a lot of time and lost sleep. Mario threatened to throw it away multiple times. But we had a blast and finally......WE CONQUERED!

To occupy the boys while we were finishing the last little bit I let them it a Lemonade IceCream Pie out of the tin. Judge me....

Water Works Park

A few weeks ago Mario had a Monday off of work. He surprised us with a trip to Water Works Park. It's a waterslide park in Redding, CA, a few hours away. We had a blast! It was about 100 degrees outside and sunny. The water was a great relief from the heat we've been having. I have lots of pictures but there isn't too much more to say other than that we had a great time and came home sunburnt with smiles on our faces!

Gina on the Avalanche ride....scariest slide ever! I almost did the walk of shame and chickened out. I wish I would have.

Adam is a total water baby. They have lots of kids slides and he didn't stop all day.

Gina coming out of a toilet bowl slide.

Tyler was so good all day. He loved splashing in the shallow kids pool.

Adam thought it was so cool they had little kid loungers.

And on the ride home....ICE CREAM!

100% fantastic day!

and we have.....TOMATOES

Our garden is actually working!!!! I know....surprise surprise! So far we have harvested tomatoes, cucumbers (Mario wanted to plant those for Laura Michelle), sugar snap peas, green beans, lettuce (it was nasty), radishes, corn (so good), watermelon, bell peppers, jalapeno (just one), spinach, zucchini, and potatoes. This has been such a neat experience and I'm sure to do it next year as well. And I have to say thanks to my friends Tamara who is doing the garden with me. If it weren't for her I would have nothing but weeds, dead plants, and bugs. Thanks Tamara!

4th of July Fun!

We had such a fun 4th this year! In the morning Gina, the kids and I went to the Central Point Parade while Mario went to work. It is a small parade but very fun and community oriented. It was hot as snot outside but we got the only strip of shade on the whole street. I figure I deserved it after sitting through the parade 9 months pregnant last year. ;)

In the evening we went to our friends, Jason and Joy's, house for a BBQ.

Jasper came with us because we were worried about him being home alone with all the fireworks going off. Turns out that kids LOVE him. Poor dog was tortured by well meaning children all night. I think he liked it.

This picture is blurry....sorry!

Tyler was given his very first cupcake. He couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do with it at first but then he scarfed it down. It was pretty darn cute!

When the sun went down the fireworks came out. There were sparklers for the kids to hold along with all sorts of others.

Adam loved it!

We had a really wonderful 4th of July and feel so blessed to live in this wonderful nation!