Monday, April 28, 2008

Beach Adventure

Mario has Mondays we try to go on fun adventures every Monday. Today we headed to the coast via the Redwood Highway. We packed a picnic, bought a kite, and headed out. The drive is about 2 hours (I think...we stop a lot though so I'm not really sure!) and absolutely gorgeous. Adam was so excited to see the really big trees. Once we made it to the beach we flew our kite...kinda. We couldn't actually get it in the air, but it was still really fun. Then the rain started so we just drove around. We capped off our great family day by going to Olive Garden with some friends from Mario's work. Any day involving family, friends, sand, and breadsticks is a good day!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Family

I finally decided it was time to start a blog. mom decided that we really need a blog. She's right! Our life may seem boring to us, but how will I remember all the great things that happen if I don't write them down.

Mario and I have been married for about four and a half years now. We have a 2 year-old son named Adam, who is just about the cutest kid in the world (I may be biased though). We are expecting another son July 26th, which happens to be Adam's 3rd birthday. We are so excited for the addition to our family! We live in beautiful Southern Oregon, where Mario works for Lithia Motors as Sales Manager for a Dodge dealership. I am blessed to stay at home with Adam and grow a baby full time.

So that is us in a nutshell. Let the blog begin..... (wish me luck! I am so new at this!)