Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Alex Marius!

We are so excited to FINALLY say that after 9 long months Alex is here! I'm going to post the whole birth story because I'm trying to make our blog into a family journal of sorts. So if words like dilate make you squirm, I'll suggest looking at the pictures only. ;)

After about 2 weeks of constant contractions that were causing no dilation I was getting pretty fed up with being pregnant. Apparently my body and the baby agreed. At my appointment on Tuesday June 15th my blood pressure was high along with the babies heart rate. Dr. Binette decided that it was time to induce and scheduled me to come to Labor and Delivery at 6:30am the next morning, just two days before my due date. I was so excited that we would finally meet our little guy but was also a little nervous at the same time.

It kinda hit me that not only would I be going through a lot of pain with the delivery, but that our family was going to change forever. When I tucked Adam and Tyler into bed that night I couldn't stop hugging them. Especially Tyler, because he wouldn't be my little baby anymore. I wasn't necessarily sad, just emotional. I think the spirit was also strong in our house as we prepared to welcome another person to our family.

With the hospital bag packed, the car seat installed, house cleaned, and child care taken care of Mario and I tried to get some sleep. At about 2:30am I woke up to some pretty intense contractions. They were coming every 1-5 minutes and getting stronger. I decided to get up and take a hot shower to see if that helped with the pain. Of course Mario wanted to leave for the hospital but I figured we were going to be there in a few hours anyway, so I tried to get some sleep. The contractions soon were too strong to sleep through so I got dressed for the hospital and tried to read a book and slow breath through the contractions. I got pretty worried for a while because Tyler had come pretty fast once my contractions really got going. I just kept praying that I would make it until morning.

Finally at 6am Kamry, our baby sitter, came. I was so happy to see her and very grateful that she was able to come so early in the morning! Mario and I got to the hospital to find that my labor had in fact started and I was dilated to a 3. I guess the threat of induction had kicked Alex into high gear! My contractions were however starting to slow down so Dr. Binette gave me a quarter tablet of cytotec at 7am to help the contractions along. I was just glad not to need pitocin.

My nurse was fantastic! Her name was Heather and since I was her only patient she was really able to help me along and give some great advice. When the contractions started getting harder she suggested that I sit on an exercise ball next to the bed. Then when contractions came I was able to lean forward into the bed. It helped so much! I think that position made my labor bearable. Mario was also great! He was very nervous about my mom not being there. This was our first time not having her in the delivery room with us. I was sad she couldn't be there but was very proud of how well Mario did.

We watched the Spain vs. Switzerland World Cup game while I labored. Believe it or not but it really helped get my mind off the pain and distract me between contractions. We just watched the game and then during a contraction I would hold Mario's hand and take slow deep breaths. I also tried to read my book, Flabbergasted by Ray (I can't remember the last name), between contractions.

At 9:30am Heather came back to check my progress and I was dilated to a 5. After she checked me the contractions started coming REALLY strong and close together. I was struggling to keep my focus and decided to ask for an epidural. Every contraction I just kept thinking that I would only have to feel a few more and then I would have sweet sweet numbness. Well, apparently that was wishful thinking.

At about 10am the anesthesiologist finally arrived. I found out later that he had gone to the wrong room and my nurse went and stole him away. I told you my nurse was awesome! I feel kinda bad for the girl I stole him from though. Oh well!

At this point I was well into transition and my contractions were right on top of each other. I was starting to shake really bad which was a sign to me that the baby was almost here. The anesthesiologist was taking his dear sweet time prepping and then drilling into my back. I was in so much pain from the needle and the contractions that I was struggling not to throw up while he administered the epidural. As he worked on my back I felt a sudden splash of liquid and heard an "uh oh, that's not good". These are words you never want to hear from someone pounding into your spinal cord with a 5 inch needle. Apparently his syringe had exploded while he was giving me a test dosage. He kept repeating that it had never happened before. Was that supposed to comfort me?! Instead of the regular 10cc test dosage of medicine I got less than 1cc.

In case you were wondering...1cc does nothing for pain. Absolutely nothing. And at the realization that I would not be getting any pain relief I also realized that it was time to push. My water broke and the pain got very intense. The anesthesiologist just sat in his little chair and explained to me that it was now too late and I would need to proceed with no epidural. Not gonna lie, it was smart of him to sit a few feet away because I really wanted to punch him. I'm pretty sure Mario did too.

Dr. Binnette arrived and I knew that in just a few minutes I would be holding my baby. I looked at Mario and he had tears running down his face. I wanted to cry and had so many emotions going through me but tried to concentrate. So far I had stayed calm and in the zone through my whole labor. After just a few pushes I heard the baby cry and they handed him to me at 10:35am, after just 3 1/2 hours at the hospital.

I know I am his mother, but Alex is truly a beautiful baby. He was so alert and just kept looking at me. I love that at this hospital they never take the baby out of your room. They were able to weigh, measure, bathe, and do everything that goes along with a new baby right in my room. He weighed 7 lbs 5 oz (which is my biggest baby) and was 19 inches long. I think his apgar score was a 9. He was able to nurse about 15 minutes after being born and did a great job. It was at this time that Mario and I decided we really needed to come up with a name.

We had thought of about 4 names we liked and when we went through them we decided that he looked like an Alex. I was excited because I have always loved that name. His middle name is Marius for a few reasons. One is that it is another version of Mario. Another is that my Opa had an Uncle Marius. He was a really nice man that my Opa had loved. Uncle Marius had also saved some kids in Holland who were drowning in a canal. So Alex Marius was finally the name we decided on after months of discussion.

After a couple hours they moved us over to the recovery room. The nurse had forgotten to check us out so when we left the hall all of the alarms went off and security came running. They put a monitor on each baby so that they can't be stolen. It was pretty funny and the girl bringing us to our room was really embarrassed because you can hear the alarm through the whole hospital.

That evening Janice, who was wonderful and watched the boys for part of the day, came to visit and brought Adam and Tyler. At the same time Wendy and Kamry Beasley came to visit as well. Adam took to his new brother immediately but Tyler didn't really associate that Alex was the same baby that had been growing in my tummy. Alex gave his big brothers each a cookie and a book about new babies. They loved them! It was nice to show off the baby and spend some time with my boys.

My mom arrived late late that night and came the next morning with the boys and we were all able to go home. I was so glad to be home! Alex has done a great job blending in to our family. He is a very easy going baby and only cries when he gets his diaper changed. Tyler called him Stinky the first couple days but has now learned that his name is Alex. Adam calls him Kylan half the time because that is Janice's babies name. I think it's pretty funny.

My recovery has gone really well. It was so nice to have my mom here over the weekend! She loves her grandsons and they love her. It was also great to have her company because I get so bored being stuck at home. Mario was also able to get a few days off of work. They kept the boys entertained so I could rest some. We also had meals brought from people at church. It was wonderful!!! Thanks so much to the people who brought us meals, flowers, and gifts! I'm so thankful to have such good friends and family.

I don't know if I've ever felt so blessed in my whole life. I have a fantastic husband and 3 of the sweetest little boys on earth. They are all healthy and strong. I just keep wondering how I became so blessed. I'm pretty tired but feel so much better than I did pregnant. It was all worth it though. Every time I see Alex I just want to snuggle and kiss him. He is the most adorable baby and makes our family complete!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Shower!

Today my amazing friends, Janice and Joy, threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun to visit with my friends and eat great food. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. I took a bunch of pictures but for some reason a lot wouldn't load onto the computer. I have hardly any of the guests. I am so thankful to everyone for coming and for the great gifts we got. Now I am ready for the baby!

Janice made Adam, Tyler, and the baby little coordinating ties! They are so cute!

I got some amazing diaper cakes. Super cute! Thanks Joy, Crissy, and Sarah!

Crissy won the door prize for bringing diapers.

Joy did a great game of memory. You match the pregnancy terms and then get a candy that goes with it. Example: Preemie=Runts, Dirty Diapers=Milk Duds, Hospital Bill=100 grand, Fathers=Sweethearts, etc...It was super cute!

Here are some of the adorable decorations! It was held in Janice's front yard and the weather was perfect.

Janice made the key lime yummy!

Thanks ladies for a fantastic afternoon! I had a blast and feel so loved!

No Training Wheels!

While my family was here Adam decided he wanted to take the training wheels off his bike. Papa came to his rescue and was brave enough to teach him how to ride with two wheels. After a few tries and a few falls Adam decided that maybe he does need his training wheels just a little longer!

Memorial Day Parade

We went to the White City Parade on Memorial Day. It was just a small town affair but we had lots of fun!

Tyler liked waving his flag and playing with Nana and Papa.

Adam actually got to ride on a float through the whole parade! It was for Cascade Community Pool where he takes swimming lessons. He was so funny though and wouldn't even crack a smile. I think he was really nervous! He did great though and I was very proud of him.

Memorial Day at the Cemetery

Last weekend was Memorial Day and my Mom, Dad, and sisters came to visit from Washington! We were kinda hoping to have a baby for them to see, but he apparently has his own schedule. On Sunday after church and a delicious London broil my dad made, we decided to head to Eagle Point. They have a Veteran's Cemetery there that was all decked out with flags for Memorial Day. It was so neat to see all the people from this area that have selflessly served our country. It was interesting to see the different religious symbols on each head stone. What a neat and humbling experience!
Mario had the day off and was able to join us.

Tyler loves his Aunt Jennie and I'm pretty sure she likes him as well!

My Dad, Mario and Tyler = 3 of my favorite guys!

This is Tyler's new smile when he sees a camera...cracks me up!

Laura, Jennie, and I. I love my sisters! (I don't know how my mom got out of having a picture of her taken!)

Adam kept knocking on the ground to see if anyone was in there. I don't think he believed us that bodies were actually buried under the grass. It was hilarious.

I think we will make this a new tradition. I really want my boys to learn about our country and the many people who have sacrificed so we can have so many freedoms. Thank you to all those veterans and those who are serving today!

Adam's Preschool Graduation

Last weekend Adam became on official Preschool Graduate! They had a whole little program with a couple songs and poems. Then they were called up to recieve their diplomas. Adam was very serious through the whole thing. It was adorable.

Mario and I couldn't be prouder! He got to take home his journals and workbooks. I was so impressed with his progress in just one year.

My mom and sister, Jennie, were able to come with us. This made it so special for Adam!

Tyler is already preparing for his graduation in a couple years!

This is Adam and Lori, his preschool teacher. She is just amazing! I can tell that she really loves the kids and is passionate about her job. We have been so blessed to have her as part of our lives. She even made an adorable little scrapbook for each of the kids with pictures from throughout the year. I know Adam will miss her and his preschool friends when he goes to Kindergarten in the fall.

Congratulations Adam! We are so proud of you!