Friday, May 30, 2008

Lewis Park

Today some of our friends invited Adam and I to a new park that had a little water park/ sprinkler thing. Last summer Adam would not go near the water, but today he saw it and pulled off his clothes and ran in. We didn't know that there was a water park there so I didn't bring him a swimsuit. So he got to run around in a diaper (yes, he is potty trained but for some reason this morning he only wanted a diaper) and then when the diaper got too wet he ran around in his birthday suit. Luckily we were the only ones there, but I did take pictures of him running aound naked to show future girlfriends (what are moms for?). I haven't seen him have that much fun in a long time, so we are sure to go again!

Scary Screwdrivers

The other day I took Adam grocery shopping. On the way home he was trying to convince me to buy him a Happy Meal. I told him that we had to go home and I would make him lunch. He makes this hilarious face and says our house is way too scary. So I ask him what is so scary about our house. He says....SCREWDRIVERS! It just made me laugh. Either he has really weird fears, or he really wanted a happy meal.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

For Memorial Day we thought we would do something nice and patriotic, so we went with our friends the Mason's to the vetran's cemetary in Eagle Point. They had a really nice program and tons of people were there. The cemetary was decked out with a flag on each grave, which was really beautiful. For the program Senator Gordan Smith spoke as one of the speakers and one of the high schools here sang patriotic songs. There was also a flyover, which Adam LOVED (even if the sound scared him and set off a few car alarms) and a 21 gun salute along with the playing of Tapps. It was really a nice way to honor those who fought and died for our country.

Then for dinner we went to NoHo's, which is our absolute favorite place to eat! It looks like a total hole in the wall place, but has the best hawaiian style terriyaki. So for anyone reading this who lives in gotta go to NoHo's!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is Bad....

Okay, so right now I should be making dinner, vacuuming, folding laundry, and sweeping the floor (not to mention paying attention to Adam). But what am I doing? Looking at everyone's blog! I've really started something here! Please tell me that other people waste time doing this too.....I can't be the only one!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's SOOOO HOT!!!!!

Here in Medford the last couple days have hit over 100 degrees! It is so hot (plus I'm pregnant...enough said!). So yesterday my friends Jolene and Janice invited me to the mall with them and their kids to play at the indoor play place. Janice's husband, Chris, is a news reporter for the local station here and came to do a story on the heat and how some people were opting to come to the air conditioned mall. It was so fun to watch Adam on the news playing! Adam thought it was just about the coolest thing to see himself on tv. We had to rewind about 10 times! So now Adam pretty much thinks he is a movie star.

Last night we decided to do something fun and go to coldstone creamery as a family. We used to go all the time, but realized that Adam has never gone. We had a great time and got out of the heat!

"My" Mother's Day Gift

Last Saturday night I walk out into the garage to find a car with a mother's day card to me on it. I was so suprised! I think Mario knew how much I loved my BMW that we sold a while back, so he bought me another one. It's a black 2001 740iL with leather, navigation, etc. One of the perks of having a husband in the car business is getting to drive nice cars. The only thing is...I think it was actually a gift to himself : ) We have had it a week now and I have only driven it once! Mario absolutely loves it and keeps refering to it as his car and then correcting himself. It's hilarious....silly boy and his car/new girlfriend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Celebrity Look-Alikes

Magic Pants

So the other day Adam and I went on a walk with my friend Janice and her daughter London. Adam tripped and fell scraping his knee up a bit. He was bleeding a little but absolutely nothing serious. Yeah try telling Adam that! Janice and I ended up carrying him the rest of the way home because he refused to walk. Then he refused to walk for the next 2 days! I was getting so frustrated...being 7 months pregnant it is not fun to carry him around all the time. On the other hand we did go to a street fair and the mall and he stayed in his stroller the whole time, so that was nice : ). So finally on Saturday when Mario came home from work we decided enough was enough. Mario told Adam that he was going to put magic pajama pants on him. They would make it so he could run really fast. So Mario put the pants on him and turned on Diego (Adam's favorite show) playing the theme song really loud. Mario started running around the living room and sure enough Adam joined right in. He was so excited about his magic pants that he totally forgot about his knee! Kids are so funny that way....Way to think on the fly Mario!


Lately Adam has been really into doing preschool. Everyday we try to do some art project or do a page out of his preparing for preschool book. It's pretty fun for me because it keeps him busy and teaches him something! Some things we have done so far is learning shapes and colors by glueing them to paper and learning how to draw straight lines by tracing dots. His favorite has been making a collage of baby pictures and talking about what he can do to help when the baby is born. We also like to cook and bake together where he counts the ingredients or how many times we stir, etc. So here are some pictures...`

Monday, May 5, 2008

Adam says the darndest things....

Adam says the funniest things! I guess it's part of being two and figuring out how the world works. He just cracks me up!

Like last night we were talking about the baby in my tummy and he goes, "I don't want to go in your tummy! I'm too big!" He was so concerned. And lately he tries to squeeze my tummy and he says, "Oh no! The baby won't come out!" If only it was that easy! How do you explain that to a two year-old? He is also very concerned that the baby has no clothes on. I think I've explained about five times that when the baby is born he can wear pajamas, but in my tummy he doesn't have to.

Potty training of course brings embarrasing moments in public! In church yesterday there was a baby blessing and in the middle of it he started saying (VERY loudly), "I have to go potty! I have to go potty! I have to go potty!" That actually wasn't funny at all at the time...but I think we got some giggles. And boy was my face red! Just today we went to a little family owned store that sells cribs. He went in to use the potty, which happened to be right behind the desk where the store owner was sitting. He says at the top of his voice, "This potty is really, really dirty! I don't need to go any more." Talk about embarrasing! I know the owner heard us. And whenever I go to the bathroom now Adam claps for me and says, "Good Job Mommy! You went potty!" To much info for the other Target bathroom goers!

Oh well! I love my little guys and he certainly keeps me laughing.

I love it when family comes!

We were so excited this weekend to have my mom and sister, Jennie, come visit us. It was only a couple days but we had so much fun! The highlights were a trip to Kaleidescope Pizza (of course...what's a trip to Medford without that!), hanging out at my newly remodeled/decorated house and showing it off, and watching how cute Adam is around his Aunt and his Nana. We sold Daniel and Jennifer Mario's car, so they flew here (Thanks Dr. Whimpey!) and drove it home. I love it when family comes to visit, but it is so sad when they leave! Medford is far, far away from family and feels even further right now! Love you Mom and Jennie!

I have a bunch of cute pics, but a lame computer at the moment so...cute pics to come!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Baby NEEDS A NAME!!!!

I'm at a total utter loss. We have NO names for the new baby. We know it's a boy and we need help! If anyone has any ideas let us know. Thanks guys!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Story Time!

Since I've quit my job and become a stay-at-home mom, Adam and I have begun a new tradition. We like to go every Wednesday to the Medford Library for story time. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read, so I am so excited to have another reader in the family! We meet our friends at the library and they play games and read books. It is done really well and the kids have a blast. Then we go and pick out books for Adam to bring home. Every night he falls asleep in his bed reading one of his books. Hmm...I wonder where he got that idea! Like Mother like Son.

Pictures from the Oregon Coast