Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 30th Mario!

April 6th was a very important date in our home....Mario turned 30, much to his dismay. He had the day off and we enjoyed it as a family.

For lunch Mario picked Red Lobster. It was delicious.

I feel so blessed to have Mario for a husband. He is an amazing person....even if he is getting old ;)! Love you honey!
Birthday kisses!

Boy's Club

My mom and our friend, Laura Gabel, helped me to decorate Adam and Tyler's new "Boy's Club" Easter weekend. I moved them up to the bigger front room and moved the guest room to their old room. They were so excited for the change. Namely that Adam is now in the top bunk and Tyler on the bottom. I missed a picture of their bunk beds somehow...sorry....but they are way cute! Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom for all your great ideas and hard work!

Eventually the baby will be in here as well. What a fun Boy's Club!

Easter 2010

This Easter was fantastic! My mom, sister, and friends Laura and Braylee Gabel were able to come and visit for the weekend. We had a blast shopping, eating, and decorating my house. The boys were very excited for Easter. Easter is by far my favorite holiday. Spring is in the air with flowers blooming and temperatures rising. We get to celebrate the ressurection of Christ and the birth of a new season. I also love "Pajama Sunday" aka Conference Sunday. It is so nice to listen to the words of our prophets and the added bonus of wearing pajamas on the couch is great! This year Easter fell on conference Sunday....pure relaxation!

On Saturday we went to Alisha's house and had an Easter Egg Hunt.

Tyler loved hanging out with his Nana!

Tyler and Adam loved the Easter egg hunt.....

even if Tyler was a little confused!

After the hunt we went to Ashland. Adam is truly my child. Here he is peering into a bakery window....yum!

Saturday evening we dyed Easter Eggs. Our eggs weren't the most beautiful, but we had fun.

Laura and Braylee's eggs turned out a whole lot prettier!

Easter morning the boys woke up and ran out to see if the Easter Bunny had come. The Bunny had left them Trix "bunny" cereal and bubbles. There were also eggs hidden throughout the living room.

Then we had our traditional "Easter Breakfast" of english muffins with hard boiled eggs, bacon, and a delicious bachamel sauce.

So delicious!!!

We relaxed and watched two great sessions of conference....then we ate again! Pot roast, potatoes, etc. Laura Gabel made a fantastic coffee cake that was to die for.

I truly felt blessed this Easter Sunday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Mom, the Transformer

Amazing, huh? I don't know how she does it ;)

Mr. Messy

Tyler at 20 months is so stubborn. He is very persistant in getting his way and has insisted on feeding himself since he was a few months old. The other night after the boys were in bed I made a cheesecake bar dessert. Tyler woke up and when he saw what I was doing he got so excited. He was practically asleep licking the beater. The kid cracks me up!

Kid Time!

During the spring we have so many rainy days that the kids go nuts at home. The cure? Kid Time! For $40 we got a 3 month family membership to an indoor play place. It is so fun! There is an indoor slide, grocery store, stage with costumes, construction area, toddler area, arts and crafts, water tables, and more. We usually go twice a week and meet our friends, the Halls.

Mickey D's

There is a McDonald's with a huge indoor playplace a mile from my house. I know! How can one resist? It is just so convenient when my "morning" sickness is bad to head over and let the kids play for 2 hours while I read a book. We go probably every other week and the kids always look forward to it as a special treat.
Oh, and aren't my boys the biggest bunch of cheesers you've ever seen? Every picture has a different goofy face.


I figure if I wrote "Catch up" as the title no one would read it..... But sorry, that is what I am doing. My mom may write me out of the will if I don't post some pics and she has some stuff I might want someday. So I figure I'll add a bunch of short posts with lots of pics. This is also in celebration of our new camera and computer. I have finally joined 2010....it feels good. Here goes!