Monday, March 7, 2011

Dinosaur Preschool

Today was my turn to teach preschool. We learned all about Dinosaurs! Adam had the day off school so he joined us. We had a blast!

Making "fossils" with plastic dinosaurs and play dough.

The kids ate like dinosaurs: Dino-nuggets (meat eaters), apples (plant eaters), goldfish (fish eaters).

They also colored pictures of big dinosaurs.

Alex liked to admire our "volcano". It was super cute and easy. I used a soy sauce bottle and put green play dough all around it so it looked like a mountain. Add some dinosaurs at the base and make them extinct with baking soda and vinegar. It was a hit!

I got a blow up dinosaur at the dollar store and some green Easter eggs. I filled the eggs with dinosaur shaped candy and hid them around the room. The kids had to help Momma Dino find her babies. It was really fun and the kids couldn't believe that dinosaurs laid eggs like chickens.
We also read a dinosaur book called "Brontorina" which is about a brontosaurus that wants to be a ballerina but she's too big. After the story I took the kids outside and unwound a 70ft piece of rope so they could see how long brontosauruses where. We have more Dino-fun planned for Friday. I can't wait!


Savannah said...

Wow! You're good at this!!

Judy Walsh said...

awesome fun!