Sunday, January 23, 2011


Sometimes life is all about perspective. For example, I can be mad about 2pm church or grateful that we get to spend relaxing mornings as a family. I've decided to be thankful for things in life. Complaining is just a waste of time.

A couple days ago I was feeling grumpy. We found some fraudulent charges on our bank account, which resulted in deactivating my debit card and having to wait a week for a new one. I never carry cash or a credit card, and my debit card wasn't working, when the gas light went on in my car. I was so frustrated that I had to go home and hunt for Mario's card when I had about a million other things to do. As I was grumbling and being just plain grinchy I drove past the local food bank a couple miles from my house. There was a long line of people waiting outside in the frigid cold. I felt like such a jerk for complaining. I was in a nice warm car driving to my home that has heat, clothes, and plenty of food. There were moms in that line with their children. How hard would that be? I feel so blessed and know that to who much is given, much is required. I pray this is a lesson I can remember.


Judy Walsh said...

nothing like a little perspective change to humble us. We are so very blessed.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

2 pm church???!!! I'm pretty sure I'd die.
great post, though.