Friday, January 14, 2011

#9 Something I Last Purchased

A Diet Coke at Target!

Big surprise there, right? I make this purchase at least twice a week. Difference today is that I had to use Mario's debit card. I don't have one for 5 to 10 days!!!!!! I am going through with withdrawls....shakes, chills, you name it. Mario and I noticed some fraudulent online charges and had to call it in. So, they deactivated my card and I have to wait until the new one comes in the mail. I had to take Mario's card today since I had an eye doctor appointment and needed to get a birthday gift for the kids' friend. My new optometrist is Graham MacPartland. He is my friend Genevieve's husband and a great eye doctor. Give him a call if you need an appointment! (there's my plug!)