Monday, May 5, 2008

I love it when family comes!

We were so excited this weekend to have my mom and sister, Jennie, come visit us. It was only a couple days but we had so much fun! The highlights were a trip to Kaleidescope Pizza (of course...what's a trip to Medford without that!), hanging out at my newly remodeled/decorated house and showing it off, and watching how cute Adam is around his Aunt and his Nana. We sold Daniel and Jennifer Mario's car, so they flew here (Thanks Dr. Whimpey!) and drove it home. I love it when family comes to visit, but it is so sad when they leave! Medford is far, far away from family and feels even further right now! Love you Mom and Jennie!

I have a bunch of cute pics, but a lame computer at the moment so...cute pics to come!


Judy Walsh said...

we love you too. by the way, thanks for stealing the story I was just writing for my blog!!

Phillip and Kirsten said...

your house IS way cute! i'm so going to steal your ideas when we move into OUR NEW HOUSE and no one will know because we'll be so far away! so there!
by the way, name the baby Pedro. I love that name, but don't have the guts to use it (whoever heard of a blue eyed boy named Pedro?!)

Chris and Caitlin Sirrine said...

Maybe you should move here... then you'll be close to family and won't have to miss them. Oh, and our little boys can hang out together!