Monday, July 14, 2008

8 Things

Just in case you have nothing more exciting to's some useless information about me. Enjoy!

8 Things I Am Passionate About
1. The Gospel
2. Mario and Adam
3. Meeting my baby soon!
4. All my wonderful family
5. My awesome friends
6. Reading all the time
7. Learning new things
8. plotting ways to go to Seattle to visit! LOL

8 Books I Have Read And Enjoyed
1. Twilight Series
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Anything by Sophie Kinsella
4. THe Kingdom and the Crown Series
5. Of course the Scriptures!
6. The Chronicles of Narnia Series
7. Most books by Lois Lowry (The Giver, Gathering Blue, The Messenger, The Silent Boy, and most recently Number the Stars which is REALLY good)
8. Roald Dahl (Danny Champion of the World, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The BFG, etc.)
Sorry, that is way more than 8 books!

8 Words/Phrases I Say Often
1. Why aren't these contractions doing anything!?!?!?!?!?!?
2. It's hot out!
3. Bye, Love you
4. I'm hungry
5. Make good choices Adam
6. Go out of the bathroom, Mommy needs privacy (never thought I'd be using that phrase so much!)
7. What should I make for dinner?
8. Want to meet me at the park?

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die (in no particular order)
1. Write a novel
2. See all my children sealed in the temple and happy
3. Go on a mission with Mario
4. Own a beach home in Ecuador
5. Live closer to family
6. Travel all over the world
7. Make people happy
8. Give Mario everything he could possibly want

8 Things I Learned This Past Year
1. Being a stay at home mom is WAY better than being a Chemist
2. There is no love like what you have for your kids
3. It is possible to have morning sickness 24/7 and throwup 8 times a day...and then actually want to do it again....and still be glad about it
4. Family is everything (but I already knew that!)
5. You can still get homesick for your parents house, even if your grown up and don't live there!
6. Mario is the #1 best husband ever, he loves us a lot and works really hard to support our family
7. Reading books is way more fun than watching TV
8. I miss dancing! But watching Adam dance is just as fun

8 People I Want To Tag