Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hell has officially frozen over!

I am NOT a dog person!!!! I am probably the last person you would ever expect to get a dog....but like I said, Hell has frozen over. We got a puppy!

We weren't even looking for a dog. Gina, Adam, Tyler, and I went to a Memorial Day Parade on Monday. At the parade someone was selling 9 week old Pomchi's. They are a Pomeranian Chihauhau mix. When I held him I just loved him instantly! We took a picture and brought it to Mario's work. He tried to act like he didn't want to buy the puppy, but continued to call about 20 times through the day asking questions about him. I called Janice, who has a chihauhau mix, and asked tons of questions. I also did lots of research and found that pomchi's are great dogs. They are intelligent and loyal. So after Mario got off of work we went to see the puppy and his parents. Obviously we brought him home!

We named him Jasper, which I think is just perfect. Gina and I were trying to think of names and when she said Jasper it just clicked. He is not a vampire (thank goodness!) but has a calming disposition just like Jasper Hale. Mario wasn't too crazy about having a Twilight name! hahaha

He has been such a good puppy! Jasper stays in the Laundry room. We put up a gate so he can see us and he likes to play with his toys in there and he sleeps in a crate. He loves to run around outside and is already trained to go potty in one corner of the yard. We haven't let him on the carpet yet. He walks to the edge of the hardwood and stands in front of the carpet just looking. Then he puts one foot over and looks at us. He's trying to test his boundaries (just like Adam!). He also loves to be held and will snuggle in your arms for hours. Oh, and the best part is....he doesn't shed! I haven't seen a single hair come off of him. I hope that part lasts!

Jasper has a little teddy bear that he likes to sleep with. It is so cute! Adam is in puppy paradise and just runs with him for hours in the backyard. Tyler is learning to be gentle and pet instead of grab. I think they will be great friends! Gina, Mario's sister who is living with us, loves Jasper and is so helpful with teaching how to care for a puppy. Mario still thinks we are going to forget to feed him or something....silly Mario!

So pretty much, we are all in love with Jasper and having a great time!

Adam trying to teach Tyler to be gentle....

Jasper with his Teddy Bear

Best Buddies!!!

Gina LOVES Jasper and the feeling is mutual!

He is not much bigger than my cell phone. I think he is about 2 pounds and is only supposed to be about 6 or 7 lbs. full grown.

How cute!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tyler is the Big One-Oh!

Tyler turns 10 months old tommorow and has been such a joy in our lives! He is always laughing with a big smile on his face. Here are some cute things over the past month or so that Tyler has done.
One of Tyler's favorite things since birth has been the water. He loves to take a bath and has recently started taking them in the big bathtub with Adam. I love this picture because you can see his cute little birthmark on his back!

His other favorite water activity is swimming. He has been doing it for four months now and LOVES it! I have some super cute videos of him in the pool but can't get them onto here are some cute pics.

Tyler also loves to be outside. Since we have been gardening he has spent a lot of time in the backyard. This is a pic of when he fell asleep in the backpack. I thought it was pretty dang cute!

Tyler is also loving eating solid food. We are done with all that gross baby food and on to the good stuff. Tonight for dinner I made Shepard's Pie....I think he liked it. No, he did not fall asleep, this is Tyler licking the plate!

Tyler truly is a joy! He is always happy and hardly ever cries. He is a wonderful member of our family.

Don't Mess With Adam....He's a Yellow Belt!

Adam has been taking Taekwondo and LOVES it! He has been working very hard lately trying to get his yellow belt. He has been practicing his kicks, punches, and forms. He has also needed to practice his Korean and being a good little boy. The best part is that we had to fill out a home progress report. This included things like: Does he show respect to adults? Does he share his toys? Does he keep his room clean? etc. LOVE IT! The bad part: I had to hand sew four patches on his uniform...I think I should get some belt for that, too!
For his test he had to get in front of everyone by himself and show his forms, kicks, and punches. He also had to answer a couple questions that he had been practicing. Half way through the test he had to go to the bathroom! So funny! I don't think they had ever had that happen before... Haha! Adam really did a great job and was so proud of himself.
After I asked his what treat he wanted to celebrate and he said an icee at Target (of course, he is my child after all). He called it his Taekwondo Icee. Next week is the ceremony where he will get his belt presented to him and we are very excited!
I have the test recorded but for some reason blogger is acting weird. Sorry!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating our Mom's!

Today is Mother's Day! Mario and I are so blessed to have such wonderful Mother's and Grandmother's in our lives.

My Mom is an amazing mother and one of my best friends. She is so much fun to be around and a great example to me of how a mom should be. I'm pretty positive I have the best Mom in the universe. Adam and Tyler love there Nana so much! I love you Mom!!!
I owe her big time for making her plan a wedding 2 days after Christmas!

Nana and Tyler...She has been there for the birth of both my sons and was a HUGE help!

My mom with Adam, Laura, and Adrian on Tyler's blessing day.

Mario's mom, Gina, is also a wonderful mother. She did a great job raising Mario for which I am thankful. She is a thoughtful, caring woman and we love her a lot! We miss her since she lives so far away and love it when she comes to visit.
Mamita Gina at Disneyland with Ginita, Mario, and Tyler.

With Adam on the teacups!

We also love our grandmothers. My Grandma Walsh is 93 now and has lived such a neat life. I have so many great memories of visiting her as a child and am so grateful that she is able to meet my children. I really love her! My Oma has passed away now, but I think about her everyday still. She was a wonderful woman and the center of our family. I love her so much!

Mario has a very close relationship with his grandma, Mamita Alicia. She is such a sweet person, not to mention a great cook. We love visiting her and miss her so much when she is away. Mamita Ines is Mario's other grandma. She used to cut Mario's hair as a little kid and is always kind and loving. Mario loves his grandma's!

So Adam and Tyler say:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Laura!

Today my baby sister Laura turns 14! Time for stake dances and Mia Maids. She is by far my favorite red headed sister and the boys favorite Aunt Laura (for a couple more months until they have two Aunt Lauras lol!). Laura has such a sweet personality and is so much fun! Adam really looks up to Laura and thinks she is too cool. Laura is smart, funny, and super cute.