Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating our Mom's!

Today is Mother's Day! Mario and I are so blessed to have such wonderful Mother's and Grandmother's in our lives.

My Mom is an amazing mother and one of my best friends. She is so much fun to be around and a great example to me of how a mom should be. I'm pretty positive I have the best Mom in the universe. Adam and Tyler love there Nana so much! I love you Mom!!!
I owe her big time for making her plan a wedding 2 days after Christmas!

Nana and Tyler...She has been there for the birth of both my sons and was a HUGE help!

My mom with Adam, Laura, and Adrian on Tyler's blessing day.

Mario's mom, Gina, is also a wonderful mother. She did a great job raising Mario for which I am thankful. She is a thoughtful, caring woman and we love her a lot! We miss her since she lives so far away and love it when she comes to visit.
Mamita Gina at Disneyland with Ginita, Mario, and Tyler.

With Adam on the teacups!

We also love our grandmothers. My Grandma Walsh is 93 now and has lived such a neat life. I have so many great memories of visiting her as a child and am so grateful that she is able to meet my children. I really love her! My Oma has passed away now, but I think about her everyday still. She was a wonderful woman and the center of our family. I love her so much!

Mario has a very close relationship with his grandma, Mamita Alicia. She is such a sweet person, not to mention a great cook. We love visiting her and miss her so much when she is away. Mamita Ines is Mario's other grandma. She used to cut Mario's hair as a little kid and is always kind and loving. Mario loves his grandma's!

So Adam and Tyler say:


Tonilinn said...

How sweet!

Tana said...

I can't believe that you wrote your own Happy Mother's day sign. Unless your husband has started putting hearts over his letters. Which is something we really should discuss.

Linda A. said...

It was a sign for MY mom...not me! lol But who knows....maybe Mario does put hearts over his letters