Friday, May 22, 2009

Tyler is the Big One-Oh!

Tyler turns 10 months old tommorow and has been such a joy in our lives! He is always laughing with a big smile on his face. Here are some cute things over the past month or so that Tyler has done.
One of Tyler's favorite things since birth has been the water. He loves to take a bath and has recently started taking them in the big bathtub with Adam. I love this picture because you can see his cute little birthmark on his back!

His other favorite water activity is swimming. He has been doing it for four months now and LOVES it! I have some super cute videos of him in the pool but can't get them onto here are some cute pics.

Tyler also loves to be outside. Since we have been gardening he has spent a lot of time in the backyard. This is a pic of when he fell asleep in the backpack. I thought it was pretty dang cute!

Tyler is also loving eating solid food. We are done with all that gross baby food and on to the good stuff. Tonight for dinner I made Shepard's Pie....I think he liked it. No, he did not fall asleep, this is Tyler licking the plate!

Tyler truly is a joy! He is always happy and hardly ever cries. He is a wonderful member of our family.


Judy Walsh said...

Thanks for posting! He is getting so big and cute as can be. I love you guys and miss you so much :(

Anja said...

Oh my gosh he's getting so old! What happens to that time! I miss you guys!