Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Farm

Last weekend my friend Tamara and I found ourselves husband less and decided to go take the kids to have some fun. We went to The Farm. It is an adorable little farm where the kids can feed and pet all the animals. Tamara has two little boys the same ages as Tyler and Adam so we do a lot with them. They are awesome!

Tyler trying to drive a tractor.

Adam and Cohen were able to chase down the wallaby. It was so cute hopping around!

I had to keep Alex in his car seat and try to protect him from the crazy goats. They go nuts if they think you have food.

They have goats, deer, llamas, ducks, sheep, pigs, a wallaby, and all sorts of fun things.

Tyler liked the deer because they are a little more gentle than the goats.

Adam gets to go back in a couple weeks for his Kindergarten Field Trip. Fun stuff!