Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adam Starts Kindergarten!

Look at how grown up Adam looks! I cannot believe that he is in Kindergarten now. After weeks of stress we were finally able to transfer him into Abraham Lincoln Elementary. It is across town and I have to drive him, but it is a really great public school.

He starts at 11:40am and gets out at 2:20pm, so it is a pretty short day, which is perfect for a 5 year old. This is his class lined up outside ready to go in. He is by far the shortest, but at least he doesn't realize it yet!

This is Adam's spot at his desk. Everyday they have to come in and practice writing their name. He has been doing this for about a year, but I think it will help his penmanship.

This is their circle time area. It is a really cute classroom with play areas, reading areas, puzzles, etc.

This poster is on the wall and looks just like Jasper. I told him that he will always have a family member there at school with him watching!

This is Mrs. Dempsey his teacher. She is really young and exciting about everything. She is super cute and seems great with the kids. Adam already likes her.

Look how big his backpack is! I bought him new school clothes and he is so into picking out just the right outfit and making sure that everything matches. He says he has to look good for school. In fact, on Saturday he woke me up at 6am totally dressed and ready for school. He was bummed when I told him there was no school that day.

After I dropped him off I thought I might cry or be sad, but maybe sending him to Preschool last year made it easier. At the school he was supposed to go to it is an all day program and he would be taking the bus. So a half day with me driving him feels like preschool still. I am signed up to help once a week and will be getting involved with the booster club. I'm sure he will have a fantastic year as a Lincoln Lion!