Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rachel's Visit!

I was so lucky last week to have one of my best friends come visit me! Rachel flew from Maryland and got to stay a whole week with us. We have been friends since Jr. High and she is one of the only people I still keep in contact with from high school. I think we met each other at our most awkward stage, so if we were friends then I think we will be friends forever!

We pretty much just hung out and talked about old times, listened to tons of Nsync (don't laugh!), and took a little tour of Southern Oregon. We went out to dinner in Ashland and saw "New in Town" one night. We also went to Klamath Falls, which is about an hour away, to visit her uncles. I got pulled over on the way for speeding, but got off with a warning! Sometimes having a baby in the backseat earns you brownie points with cops.
We also went to the Redwood Forest and Coast one day. It was a really fun trip! The trees were gorgeous. We got to see a giant Paul Bunyun and Babe his ox (or as Adam calls it "the giant blue cow"). We even walked through a giant tree with a tunnel through it. We thought we would be able to drive thru it but apprently that was false, yet hilarious, advertising.

One day we walked around Jacksonville, which is a little historic gold rush town close to my house. We went to the old cemetary there and saw a herd of about 30 deer. It was really odd to see deer grazing next to tombstones. Very cool!

I also dragged her along to our everyday routine things which aren't so fun, but I enjoyed having her here. Somehow we went through the whole week without a single picture of the two of us taken. Oh well! Thanks for visiting Rachel!


Cameron, Shannon Voge said...

What a fun mom you are!! It's so fun when visitors come to visit!! Adam's mini-olympics looked like so much fun too... way to go Adam!!!!

Tana said...

Looks like tons of fun. Great to have friends visit.