Friday, December 19, 2008

100 Books in a Year

I did it! 12 months of reading and I have met my goal of 100 books! I still have almost 2 weeks left so I'm sure it will come to a little over 100 books. I have found that if I set my mind to it I can accomplish any New Years goal. Like when I was younger I went a year without soda or chocolate. I've also done a year without french fries. My favorites have been keeping a journal everyday and reading my scriptures everyday. So here is my list of books. I mostly read in the evenings after the kids went to bed and while nursing Tyler during the night. I also kept a book in my purse all the time in case I am waiting in line for gas or sitting at the park with Adam, etc. I used a rating system where one star means I didn't like it and 5 stars means it is amazing.

1. Twilight, Stephenie Meyer ****
2. New Moon, Stephenie Meyer ***
3. Eclipse, Stephenie Meyer ****
4. The Red Tent, Anita Diamant ****
5. The Christmas Box, Richard Paul Evans ****
6. Shopaholic and Sister, Sophie Kinsella ****
7. Shopaholic and Baby, Sophie Kinsella ****
8. Fire of the Covenant, Gerald N. Lund *****
9. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho ***
10. The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd ****
11. Brighten the Corner Where You Are, Fred Chappell ****
12. Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall (BSC), Ann M. Martin ***
13. Gathering Blue, Lois Lowry ****
14. Messenger, Lois Lowry ****
15. The Templar Legacy, Steve Berry **
16. Hearts in Atlantis, Stephen King **
17. The Summons, John Grisham ****
18. A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett ****
19. The Mermaid Chair, Sue Monk Kidd **
20. Matilda, Roald Dahl *****
21. I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You, Ally Carter ***
22. Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen **
23. Maniac Magee, Jerry Spinelli ***
24. Tuck Everlasting, Natalie Babbitt ***
25. Final Approach, John J. Nance **
26. Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens ****
27. Danny the Champion of the World, Roald Dahl ****
28. The Covenant, Beverly Lewis ***
29. A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L’Engle ***
30. Can You Keep a Secret?, Sophie Kinsella ***
31. Kate’s Choice, Louisa May Alcott ****
32. Shop Till You Drop, Elaine Viets ***
33. Shoes to Die For, Laura Levine ***
34. The Betrayal, Beverly Lewis ***
35. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis ****
36. The Magician’s Nephew, C.S. Lewis ****
37. The Horse and His Boy, C.S. Lewis ****
38. Prince Caspian, C.S. Lewis ****
39. The Undomestic Goddess, Sophie Kinsella ****
40. Humor for a Woman’s Heart, Various ***
41. The Prodigal, Beverly Lewis ****
42. The Revelation, Beverly Lewis ****
43. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, C.S. Lewis ****
44. The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis ****
45. The Silver Chair, C.S. Lewis ****
46. Gucci Gucci Coo, Sue Margolis ***
47. The Answer is yes: A Novel, Sara Lewis ***
48. Second Draft of My Life: A Novel, Sara Lewis ****
49. Society Girls: A Novel, Sarah Mason **
50. The Silence of John, D.S. Lliteras *
51. The Silent Boy, Lois Lowry ***
52. Number the Stars, Lois Lowry *****
53. Remember me?, Sophie Kinsella ****
54. When We Get There, Shauna Seliy **
55. Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding, Eileen Behan ***
56. What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Heidi Murkoff ***
57. The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth, Sheila Kitzinger ***
58. Names My Sisters Call Me, Megan Crane **
59. Breaking Dawn,Stephenie Meyer *****
60. The Potluck Club, Linda Evans Shepherd ***
61. The Ex-Debutante, Linda Francis Lee ***
62. Digital Fortress, Dan Brown ****
63. The Christmas Train, David Baldacci ***
64. Certain Girls, Jennifer Weiner **
65. The Host, Stephenie Meyer ****
66. Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder ***
67. Heiress for Hire, Erin McCarthy ***
68. Three Days: A Mother’s Story, Melody Carlson **
69. Empire, Orson Scott Card ***
70. The Diary of Ma Yan, Ma Yan ****
71. Sweet Home Alabama, Paige Winship Dooly **
72. The Prince and the Pauper, Mark Twain ****
73. Questions To Ask Before Marrying, Melissa Senate ***
74. Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Jules Verne ****
75. You Could Do Better, Stephanie Lehmann **
76. The Christmas Candle, Max Lucado ***
77. The Shunning, Beverly Lewis **
78. The Confession, Beverly Lewis **
79. The Reckoning, Beverly Lewis **
80. Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Verne **
81. How to Behave So Your Children Will, Too!, Sal Severe ****
82. A Mother’s Gift, Britney Spears **
83. The Red Suit Diaries, Ed Butchart ****
84. The Get Rich Quick Club, Dan Gutman ***
85. Gossamer, Lois Lowry ***
86. Pure Drivel, Steve Martin *
87. The Pearl of Great Price *****
88. The Christmas Scrapbook, Philip Gulley ***
89. Life of Pi, Yann Martel ****
90. Amazing Peace, Maya Angelou ***
91. Skipping Christmas, John Grisham ***
92. Princess Academy, Shannon Hale ****
93. Pink Jinx, Sandra Hill **
94. Belle in the Big Apple, Brooke Parkhurst **
95. Grace, Richard Paul Evans ****
96. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, J.K. Rowling ***
97. I Heart Bloomberg, Melody Carlson **
98. Because of Winn Dixie, Kate DiCamillo ***
99. Letters to Malcolm: Cheifly of Prayer, C.S. Lewis ****
100. The Purpose of Christmas, Rick Warren *

Now what should I do in 2009?


jennifer said...

good job! I'm takes me like a month to read a simple book...haha... ever since they forced us to read in elementary school....and junior high....and high school...I just haven't been able to do it for fun as much...bummer. But I think for 2009 you should go on a roller coaster tour! Come on!!! 100 roller coasters in 2009! that'd be great! hahaha. P.S. can't wait to see you next week!!!

The VanderHoevens said...

I vote 2009 as the ye to move up here!

jennifer said...

ooh ooh...I actually like Valerie's (or Jeff's?) idea better! I change my vote! Or you could move to Rexburg...that would be acceptable too...haha

Anja said...

Congrats on making your goal!

Tana said...

Nice! I still am only at 86. But I read 112 last year so I could add some from there right? ONly 4 *****? Are you hard to please or what!

Crissy said...

Awesome! I'm amazed that you can read that many books in a year. Hope your Christmas is going well with all the fam!

lish and toby said...

Well if it were 100 childrens books....I could go there! But Wow linda! I think you read more than 100 though,I didn't see breaking dawn on the list. And didn't you read Narnia too? Did you write them down as soon as you were finished? I am impressed with the star ratings! Now I can decide if it's worth reading later on. oh, and what did you decide for 2009?

lish and toby said...

okay I see the lion the with and the wardrobe.