Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Cutest Little Fishies at the Aquarium

This week I have been able to visit all our friends and family in Washington.  We have had a blast, even though Mario had to stay home and work.  Since we have been here I've helped my Mom and Aunts with their craft sale, attended one of my best friends weddings, gone to the Aquarium, and taken a day trip to the Olympic Peninsula.  I have lots to blog but I'll start with the Seattle Aquarium.

I love Seattle!  Everything about it.  The Puget Sound is incredible and always feels like home.

We enjoyed eating lunch looking out over the water.  It was so cold but felt so Seattle!

My boys and I, my sister Jennie, and my sister-in-law Gina met my cousins Jacki and Heather and their boys to go to the Seattle Aquarium.  That is 5 little boys under the age of 4!  They loved seeing all the fish.

Nemo, Marlin, and Dory were the most popular by far!

This is my cousin Heather and her cute little baby, Brooks.  I hadn't seen her in so long so it was awesome!

Tyler and Cory were so adorable looking at the fish together.

This is my cousin/bff Jacki and her adorable little boys.  

Adam and Connor are best buddies and held hands through a lot of the aquarium.  So cute!

It was such a fun day downtown!


The Keenan Family said...

That was such a fun day! I'm glad we got to do it! It makes me miss you guys already.

Chris and Caitlin Sirrine said...

Logan was bummed out when he saw this.