Saturday, April 25, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

So, I haven't blogged in so long! It seems like our lives have been a little crazy lately (AKA this whole year so far). SO here is a little catch up:
Mario's wonderful mom and sister came to visit us for about a month in a half. We had such a great time with them and were able to go to Disneyland (which I did blog about) and to Washington to see my family. After they left my Mom, sister Laura, and cousin Sarah came to visit for a week. We had a great time shopping and hanging out...pretty much doing what the Walsh girls do best!

Tyler and Nana in Washington

Adam and Papa in Washington filling the bird feeders

Along with all of our great visitors and trips we have also started Adam in Taikwondo. He really loves it! It is so cute and great exercise. Taikwondo is a very disciplined activity and part of progressing in belt levels is being a good boy at home, helping your parents, getting along with friends, etc. YAY! I can tell when Adam knows he hasn't been making good choices at home because he doesn't want to go to Taikwondo or he asks me to not tell his teacher that he was mean. He really is a good boy but it is nice to have some discipline where I'm not the bad guy. His teachers are so fun and great with him! We really love it. And he can now count to 10 in korean...that's gotta come in handy at some point.

Tyler and Mamita Gina at Taikwondo

Tyler and Mario at Taikwondo

Nice action shot!

Adam in his fighting stance KY-YOP!

We have also been continuing, as always, with swimming lessons. Adam has been swimming for a year now and is looking like a little fishy. He no longer needs floaties and his strength is really improving. Tyler has been swimming for 3 months and LOVES it! It is so much work to get all three of us in and out of the pool, but the boys are really benefiting so we are planning on keeping it up.

Tyler has Babies in the Library every Monday, which is so much fun. He gets to clap, sing songs, and play with other babies. Then Adam's Story Time at the Library is on Wednesday. We also have been enjoying amazing weather, which means....the PARK! All winter we wait until we can take our daily trips to the park. We like to meet friends and play for hours. LOVE IT!
We have also been playing inside a lot....hence the block tower!

Mario is the General Sales Manager at work which means he works ALOT of hours! He works about 70 hours a week. Plus with being Elder's Quorem President, he really has his plate full. His indoor soccer season has ended, but I believe he is starting outdoor soccer soon.
Mario playing soccer

Adam copying Daddy.....

I have been doing a Biggest Loser Challenge with Lithia and have been working really hard. I'm doing at least an hour of cardio 6 days a week and eating healthy. My hard work is paying off so I'm looking forward to a new wardrobe soon ;)! I'm also working with my friend Tamara on planting a vegetable garden in my backyard. We are going to have a regular grocery store...hopefully! And I have been working on my writing which fills my evenings. Busy Busy!
So this is why I haven't been blogging alot lately! But we have been having a blast and enjoying being a family.


jennifer said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! Adam is so cute in his taikwondo stuff...and Tyler is just so cute in general!

Judy Walsh said...

nice catch up! Love you guys so much and miss you tons!!