Friday, January 16, 2009

Robison Family Reunion-Celebrating 100 Years

January 2nd and 3rd we had a big Robison Family Reunion down in Southern Nevada in the Moapa Valley. It was for all the decendents of Joseph Robison and Nellie Hinckley Robison, who are my great grandparents. The boys and I drove down with my parents and sibblings while Mario flew to Las Vegas and met us there.
These are my little pioneers in a handcart my Uncle Dan made.

My grandma is now 92 and their last living child. However there are over 1,000 decendents from just that one couple! There is such a rich pioneer heritage in our family so it was so neat to learn more about it. My favorite thing at the reunion was getting to see my boys with my grandma. It is so neat that she is still alive to see me as a wife and mother. I love this picture of Grandma and Tyler.

Four generations!

My dad grew up in Logandale, NV and that area is still where a lot of our family lives. The reunion was actually celebrating 100 years since the family settled there. The Moapa Valley and surrounding areas are so beautiful! We went to the Valley of Fire and St. Thomas. St. Thomas was a town that was completely relocated when Hoover Dam was built because Lake Mead would cover it. So everything and everyone was moved to higher ground. Then that part of the lake dried up. Now you can hike down in the dry lake bed and see both sea shells and the foundations to houses. Crazy!

It was so neat to see everyone and have my dad tell us about growing up in the desert. We got to see where he grew up, went to school, attended church, and even the "hospital" (it is really a small house) that he was born in. I can tell that he really loves the valley. I also enjoyed getting to visit my grandpa's grave because I hadn't been there for years.

The best part however was visiting with my grandma, Uncle Dan and Aunt Merry, Aunt Wandanell, Aunt Susie, and all of my cousins. A few of my cousins have kids the same ages as mine so it was so fun to see the next generation all playing together.
Adam and Noah are only a few weeks apart in age and made perfect centerpieces at our table!

Adam loved playing with all my cousins children. It was such a fun group of kids!

Tyler and Maya took a nice nap together but also had fun playing.

Tyler was getting so much attention and loved it! This is him and Uncle Adrian playing.

It was a wonderful reunion! I loved seeing so much family and meeting many relatives I didn't know. My blog is going to be totally out of order I will blog about our drive there!


Tonilinn said...

I totally love the center pieces on the table of Tyler, and Noah.
It was great seeing you at the reunion, you have such a cute family!