Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whoopsie Daisey

So, I may have even forgotten that I have a blog with how bad I've been lately. You know when you get to that point when you are so far behind on posts that you don't even want to blog? That is me. I still have a trip to Washington to blog about, Easter, yada yada yada.

I have a good excuse for being a slacker though. I had to get my appendix out three weeks ago. It was very last minute and threw us for a loop. I had a harder time with the recovery than I thought I would (it hurt!!! I may do a whole post about it...idk). I am so grateful to my wonderful friends who helped with the boys, made me food, and in general relieved lots of stress.

I am also beyond grateful for my Mom and sister, Jennie, who dropped everything and came for a few days to help out. We mostly just hung out on the couch (I wasn't the greatest hostess), but it was so fun to visit! I still can't lift more than 20 lbs which has been close to impossible with three little boys.

In other news.....It is summer vacation! Adam's last day of school was Friday. It has been in the 70's and perfect everyday. I love me some summer! Last Saturday I had a garage sale with Tamara and Joy. It was SLOOOOW and we didn't sell to much, so we are going for attempt numero dos in a couple weeks. It feels so good to get rid of junk. I sold our dining room table that we had gotten for free years ago, which means that hopefully we can get a new one soon. (hint hint Mario)

I promise to catch up on some random posts soon. I know it seems silly to go back so far and play catch up, but I really want to have this blog as a family journal. If you get bored reading it....whoopsie daisey!


Savannah said...

Was that the table we gave you? How much did you make? Yay for new stuff! Sorry to hear about your appendix!

Linda A. said...

lol! It was Savannah. We only sold it for $10 or we for sure would have forwarded the proceeds to you. Unfortunately when I refinished it I didn't seal the paint so it chipped, plus with three kids and almost 5 years of hard use....well, lets just say it had seen better days. But thank you so much for the five years of fantastic use we got out of it!