Sunday, August 8, 2010

Na Wahine

(our Tahitian dance)

Despite my complete lack of Island blood I've been privileged to dance with an amazing group of Hula dancers called Na Wahine for over a year. There are eight of us who practice weekly and then perform at several luaus in the summer months. We are all moms ( there are almost 30 kids combined) and great friends. I practiced up until the week Alex was born and then only missed one practice afterwards. He will be excellent at dancing one day with all that practice! It is such a blast to dance again, especially in performances.

Last night was our biggest Luau of the season. It was for the NSWA (I think it stands for National Seasonal Workers Association). There was tons of people which was a little scary but exciting. Adam even got to dance with us! Him and the other little boys did the Haka, which is a traditional Maori warrior chant. It was adorable! Here are some pictures from the event.

In our costume for Kawika, a Hawaiian chant.

Poor Ginita watched the boys all evening and Tyler was nuts! It was at a park so he thought he could run around the whole time. At least he had fun, right?

Kona and Adam in their Maori "tattoos". Aren't they terrifying? Adam doesn't quite get how to do the tongue thing yet.

Ginita made have had to watch my crazy children but at least she got to eat some amazing food at the same time. They did the whole "pig in the ground" thing. Delish!

Adam and I in our Maori costumes for the Haka and Nga Waka.

Alisha and I in our lovely black lipstick.

Mario was able to leave work for about a half an hour and watch a few dances.

This is our medley number which is always a hit. We use uli ulies, coconuts, and pu ilies. I'm second to last on the left.

Alex did a great job, although some of the music scares him. I think it's all the drumming.

It was a fantastic night and I can't wait to perform at the same Luau next summer! Later this week we are doing our Relief Society Luau, which is much smaller, but will be fun because I haven't danced for many of my friends yet.



Judy Walsh said...

looks like so much fun!